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Did you know that "Florida" is Spanish for "Festival of Flowers?"

Passion FlowerWhen the Spaniards first arrived in "The Sunshine State," they viewed this new land as a flower— filled with sweet scents and colorful blooms—and promptly named it Florida!

This impression holds true today. Florida is truly a subtropical paradise with our gentle ocean breezes Bougainvilleasuffused with the subtle perfumes of jasmine and orange blossoms, the sparkling warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and the lazy feel of a hot summer day...every day throughout the year!

Peach HibiscusSoutheast Florida has a lot to offer from the stately homes and shops of Palm Beach to the hot Latin rhythms of South Beach in Miami. The beaches up and down the Gold Coast are all world class—choose the one that fits your mood from quiet to quite happening!

Bird of Paradise

Guten Tag! Benvenuto!


Pink HibiscusSouth Florida Vacation was created to best prepare you for an enjoyable, safe visit to our exciting corner of the world.

Check out our Beach Safety Tips to avoid burning your nose and your toes; print our Purple BougainvilleaPacking List to ensure you've got all you need to maximize your South Florida vacation; and be sure to visit our Attractions page, featuring area events, hot spots and tours in Palm Beach (Palm Beach), Broward (Ft. Lauderdale) and Dade (Miami) counties.

Orange BlossomsWe've also put together a list of enticing foods unique to Florida in our Florida Foods section, along with some delicious recipes. Visit our Weather page for a look at today's weather and our average South Florida daily temperatures throughout the year.

Orange Jasmine


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