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Great Seal of the State of FloridaFLORIDA FACTS

Here are some interesting facts about the State of Florida!

Nickname—The Sunshine State
27th State
March 3, 1845
Motto—In God We Trust
Area—58,500 square miles
Highest Point—345 feet above sea level
Lowest Point—Sea level
Time Zones—Eastern and Central (Panhandle)

State Song—"Suwanee River"
State Flower—Orange Blossom
State Tree—Sabal Palm
State Bird—Mockingbird
State Animal—Florida Panther
State Mammal—Florida Manatee|
Horse Conch: Our State SeashellState Reptile
State Butterfly
Zebra Longwing
State Shell—Horse Conch
Saltwater Fish—Atlantic Sailfish
Freshwater Fish—Large Mouth Bass
State Gem—Moon Stone


We're pretty informal here, so the accepted greeting in Florida is a smile, a handshake and a friendly "hello!"

Florida State FlagThough the people of South Florida are a fabulous array of cultures from Latin Americans, Cubans, and Caribbean islanders to Canadians and transplanted Northerners, the most commonly spoken language is English. You should, however, be able to find folks that speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, etc., in most places that you visit, such as restaurants, shops and attractions. A translation guide is always helpful. South Floridians are proud of our cultural diversity.

Our state alcoholic beverage laws allow individuals age 21 and older to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. To enter nightclubs and bars, two forms of ID (e.g., passport, driver's license) including one photo ID is required. Sunday sales of alcohol are determined by local jurisdictions.

Tipping for taxis and restaurant servers is 15-20% of your total bill, while maid service is approximately $2.00/day.

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