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South Florida enjoys an average annual temperature of 82°F, ranging from an average low of 75°F in the winter to 89°F in the summer, making it an ideal place to vacation and bask in our best commodity—sunshine!

South Florida is also extremely humid, which makes the air and the heat feel much hotter.

For example, an 80°F temperature with 85% humidity, actually feels like 99°F. Some days it feels as though you can cut through the air with a knife! That's why air conditioning is so important to us.

Here's a quick look at our average monthly air and surf temperatures:

Month Max.* Min.* Surf*
January 75.2 59.2 70
February 76.5 60.4 72
March 79.1 64.2 72
April 82.4 67.8 72
May 85.3 72.1 78
June 87.6 75.1 78
July 89.0 76.2 82
August 89.0 76.7 84
September 87.8 75.9 84
October 84.5 72.1 81
November 80.4 66.7 75
December 76.7 61.5 75


82.8 69.0 77

*Degrees Farenheit

Looks like South Florida's warm climate makes living and traveling here enjoyable every month of the year! While some folks might find our summers a bit too warm, they don't hesitate to rush down here during the winter months.

When planning your South Florida vacation keep in mind that December - April is our "high season" when we are the most busy; therefore, hotel room rates are higher and rooms are less available.


Take a look at our current temperature and weather readings & forecasts:


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